General Guy S. Meloy Jr

General Meloy was born in Lanham, Maryland on September 4, 1903. After graduating from McKenley Technological High School, he received an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York. He graduated from West Point in 1927 with a Bachelor of Science degree and received a commission as a second lieutenant of infantry.

He served on active military duty with distinction for 36 years. Too numerous to mention are the positions he held and the units to which he was assigned. That which follows is a representation of some of the positions, units, and locations: he was assigned to the first tank destroyer battalion organized in the US Army, was a student at the British Army’s antitank school, assigned to Camp (later Fort) Hood as one of the first five officers at the Tank Destroyer Center; was chief of staff of the 103rd Infantry Division during World War II in Europe; and was chief of staff of the Airborne Center at Fort Bragg. From 1946-1948 he was a professor of military science and tactics (later PMS) at Texas A&M University. Afterwards, he was commander of the 24th Infantry Division in Japan; served in combat during the Korean War where he was seriously wounded; was commander of the Infantry School at Fort Benning; and the 1st Infantry Division in Europe; bringing the division back to Fort Riley. He was Chief of Public Information at the Department of the Army; came to San Antonio and commanded 5th US Army in 1958; and then the VII Corps commander in Europe. He was promoted to four star general in 1961 and took over a three-hatted command (commander-in-chief of the United Nations Command, commander; US Forces Korea; and commanding general of Eight US Army), positions he held until his mandatory retirement at age 60 in 1963.

After retiring, he moved to San Antonio where, among many civic endeavors, he served as Mayor of Terrell Hills. General Meloy served as president of the Alamo Chapter of the AUSA from 1965-1967 and regional vice president in 1968. Following General Meloy’s death on December 14, 1968, the Alamo Chapter established a college scholarship in 1970 in his memory. The first General Guy S. Meloy, Jr. Scholarship was awarded in 1974. 2018 will mark the 45th consecutive year in which the Meloy Scholarship has been given to a deserving recipient through the Alamo Chapter of AUSA.

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