AUSA News continueds to provide comprehensive coverage of AUSA symposia, Hot Topic forums, and other events and insights into the Association’s activities on Capitol Hill, articles about NCO and Soldier programs, family readiness; and stories on all aspects of America’s Army. Each month, the AUSA News’s “Bill Box” displays the legislation that AUSA is tracking and its potential impacts onthe Army. The “View from the Hill” and “Capitol Focus” columns delve deeper into the legislative and budgetary issues concerningthe Army. The “NCO and Soldier Report,” written by former SMA Kenneth Preston, covers outreach to AUSA chapters and Soldierson installations throughout the Army. Family Readiness also contributes stories each month that focus on topics important tomilitary families. This year AUSA News made an effort to expand coverage of AUSA events, running relevant stories leading up to ourevents and also publishing post-event wrap-ups containing detailed reporting on the topics discussed by panelists and speakersduring the events.

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