The Green Book

The Association of the U.S. Army is proud to present the 2017–18 Green Book, our special October edition of ARMY magazine with status reports from civilian and uniformed leaders focused on the Army’s many accomplishments as well as goals for the future.

These are challenging times for America’s Army, with continuing demands for troops to deploy around the globe to deter aggression, support joint forces and allies, and respond to humanitarian crises. These missions are why the Army exists, and also why in times of tight budgets and declining force structure it is important that the total force—Regular Army, Army National Guard, Army Reserve, civilian workers and industry partners—is working together.

Because superior leaders have shown remarkable team-building skills and are heavily promoting innovation, the U.S. Army remains the world’s most capable land force. There are, however, reasons for concern. Other armies are modernizing, some at a rapid pace. Potential adversaries, some with virtually no standing army, pose threats by taking advantage of inexpensive technology such as unmanned systems, or through offensive cyber capabilities.

Agility, the preparedness to respond to current and emerging threats, is important, but so is expanding our own capability to address new threats and maintain overmatch compared to potential adversaries.

A strong Army is important to the morale of the force. So is making sure we take care of our soldiers and their families, and our vital civilian workforce. We must never forget the sacrifices they’ve made.

Taking care of soldiers across all components and their families must remain a high priority because the budgetary uncertainty making it difficult for strategic planners is also vexing to the volunteer soldiers who make up today’s Army.

In his status report, Secretary of the Army Eric K. Fanning speaks of the need for the Army to be “stronger, more adaptable and more effective in achieving our missions and meeting our responsibilities to the American people,” a goal shared by AUSA. “For the Army of tomorrow to remain as great as the Army of today, we must live up to our own legacy, continually challenging ourselves to attract the best and to bring out the best in each other as members of strong, diverse and creative teams,” Fanning writes.

We couldn’t agree more.

This Green Book could not be produced without the help of Army leaders and their staffs, and we are grateful for their efforts. We particularly thank Maj. Gen. Malcolm Frost, chief of public affairs, and Anita D. Jackson, a DoD government information specialist, for help gathering and clearing the articles. We especially thank Steven J. Redman, vice director of the Army Staff, for his assistance in getting the status reports completed.

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